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EMCOPY | ERROR (1722) Unable to get the domain SID info from DomainController


While using EMC Utility EMCOPY following errors get encountered.

Errors : 
- ERROR (1722) : Unable to get the domain SID info from DomainController
- ERROR (1722) : Unable to retrieve the primary group of the default user Domain\User from \\DomainController
- ERROR (1727) : Lookup account sid from \\SHARE failed

Resolution :
- Make sure that the Source and the Destination is pingable.
- Make sure that the DNS Server is having both Source and Destination entries.
- If you dont have permission to do the chages on DNS Server, then you can make HOST File entry of source and destination in C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\Hosts file from where you are running the EMCOPY Command.


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