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How to get on which Cisco Switch Port the Windows Server is connected | Cisco Discovery Protocol

Problem : How to get on which Cisco Switch Port the Windows Server is connected

Environment : Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012 (With all revisions), Cisco Switching Landscape for Network

Solution :
In our scenario, we have tough time to get the which server is connected on which port of the Cisco Switch. We have to trace it manually or by running some commands on Cisco switch.

What if you dont have to goto Network team for getting the desired data. And yes, this is possible using only two tools.

With the help of Cisco Discovery Protocol, we can get the information which we require.

You need following tools to get your solution
Website Link :
Tool 1 :
Tool 2 :

Steps :
1) Get the tool WinPcap installed on the server of which you need theinformation
2) Copy Windump.exe too on the same server.
3) Open command prompt and run the b…

Unable to access Admin Shares (e.g. D$, E$, F$, G$) remotely in Windows Server 2012

Problem : 
Not able to access windows Admin shares  (e.g. D$, E$, F$, G$) from remote location on Windows Server 2012 Virtual Machine hosted on VMware ESXi 5.1 Infrastructure.

Observations : 
You get access denied error (I dont have screenshot of it) when you try accessing the drive from remote location.

Even if you add permissions for required ID, it behaves in same manner.

In event Viewer, you will get the event as below :