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Offline Windows OS / Microsoft Office Updates | Offline WSUS Updates

Hi All,

Another interesting topic on Windows Updates.

Scenarios : 
Any Windows Operating System (32 bit / 64 Bit)

Issue :
I had a simple issue in updating my home PC with latest Windows Patches.
Updating windows online is tedious and time consuming task.

I was searching for the solution which should be as simple as One Click Installation.

Yes. One click installation for all available Windows Updates. And fortunately it is available for you all at no cost (FREE).

(Thanks to Mr. Torsten Wittrock)

Thankfully, it has facility to download windows updates via Proxy Server as well as WSUS Server.
So you  dont have to burn your Internet Bandwidth.

This will be majorly helpful to all IT Techies who have access to WSUS Server OR Corporate Big Internet Pipes ;)

Hoping that this article is useful to you. Let me know what you think and comment.