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Slow Web Based Java Applications | Solution

Hey All,

Another day for the issues and resolution. This time - JAVA Applications

Issue : JAVA Applications (e.g. Primavera Web Portal, EMC Unisphere Management Console, etc.) takes too long time to open / respond.

Scenario : Web Based Java Applications getting accessed from Client Machines having JAVA 7 Update 25+ and above

JAVA Based Intranet / Internet Applications

Resolution : 

Open Java Control Panel : Start ==> Configure Java

1) Enable client side Java Applet caching (If not enabled)

Script to attach multiple databases in 1 Click | SQL Server | Migration

Dear All,

Scenario :
Source Server : SQL Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 ,
Destination Server : SQL Server 2014, Windows Server 2012 R2
We are in process of SQL Server Migration from 2008 R2 to 2014

We faced situation that we had to attach 600+ databases to newly created setup, which would require 10+ Hrs.

Then i decided to create script for it.

Thanks to google, I got ready made information from Michelle Gutzait (

And comment from James E. Satterthwaite helped me for my requirement.

Hope that this helps for you too.


Goto SQL Server Management Studio on the Source Server and Run this query on the required instance.

-- *******************************************************
-- Script for attaching multiple Databases at a time
-- Do following if you want to relocate DB and log files elsewhere